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Tips While Exercising with Swiss Ball


Before embarking on any new exercise program, it’s wise to be honest with yourself. There is no benefit in aggravating an existing injury or medical condition, so take some time to read the advice we are sharing to help you proceed with your exercise ball safety.

Safety Before You Start

  • Always consult your doctor before starting this or any other exercise program, especially if any of the following apply:
  • Your chest hurts when you are physically active
  • You have a heart condition
  • You have felt any chest pain recently when you are not doing physical activity
  • You suffer from loss of balance or dizzy spells or are prone to fainting
  • You suffer from high blood pressure
  • You have problems with your muscles, bones or joints that worsen when you are active
  • You are pregnant
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Exercise Ball Safety When Exercising

  • Exercise ball safety tips Always begin with a warm-up lasting about five minutes. Finish your workout with a minimum of five minutes of cool-down stretches.
  • Avoid heavy weights if you suffer from raised blood pressure or any medical condition that may be aggravated by lifting
  • Remember to breathe: it is very common for people used to exercising to hold their breath while they are concentrating
  • Pain: the mind does not like something pianful you are doing – so STOP! Do not work through the pain: it is there to prevent you from causing yourself serious damage
  • It is unwise to exercise when you are ill. Your body is under attack and all your systems are fighting back to help your body repair itself
  • Avoid exercise if you have drunk alcohol, or are using any medication that may impair alertness
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Exercise Ball Safety: Eating And Drinking

Before and after exercising, make sure you have drunk enough liquid. If you feel thirsty, you are already dehydrated. Water is the body’s temperature regulator and plays a vital role in your health and well-being.

Drink at least eight glasses a day and even more when exercising, taking small sips at frequent intervals. This is especially important when the weather is hot. Make sure you drink plenty of water after exercising to rehydrate your body.

A good exercise ball safety tip is: do not eat heavy foods before exercising, you will feel ill as you workout. It is preferable to eat a very light meal at least half an hour before working out, or not at all. You can always eat afterwards! And you will feel worthy and enjoy the food even more after working through your chosen exercise program 🙂

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The Most Important Exercise Ball Safety Tip: Remember To Breathe!

All ball exercises require you to pull your navel towards your spine. This is important because it stops lower part of your stomach from rounding and popping up as you breathe in.

Breathing correctly involves expanding your rib cage. Try it now! Breath through your nose and press your stomach flat, whilst allowing your ribs to expand outwards. You should feel a stretch across your middle back. Now breathe out through your mouth, making an audible blowing sound and flatten your stomach even more to help expel the air.
Proper deep breathing takes practice -persevere!

Deep breathing, exercise and juicing are all part of detoxing because inhaling oxygen is highly energizing, and breathing out fully gets rid of the stale air and toxins.

Many of the exercises tell you when you should inhale and exhale if you are following program. When there are no specific breathing instructions, breathe using the above technique, keep your abdominals pulled in throughout the exercise movements.

Deep breathing is also a wonderful technique to use when relaxing and meditating.

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