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The Perfect Swiss Ball


A Swiss Ball is just another name for an exercise ball. There are a variety of different names for this ball, but they all represent the same ball. A Swiss Ball is a soft rubbery, elastic ball ranging in diameter from 35 to 85 cm and is filled up with air. Often they are most commonly used for athletic training, exercise, weight training and or physical therapy.

The History of the Swiss Ball

Regardless of its name, the Swiss Ball was actually created in Italy back in 1963 to be used as a toy. The first name of the Swiss Ball was Gymnastik and was invented by a man named Aquilino Cosani. By using the Bobath method of neuro-development rehabilitation, Dr. Elseth Kong and Mary Quinton developed multiple pediatric neurological rehab programs by using the Swiss Ball. Dr. Susan Klein-Vogelbach, who was a Swiss Physical Therapist, also included these balls to use into multiple other medical areas, back rehabilitation and postural re-education.

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Who uses Swiss Balls?

Anyone can use a Swiss Ball. Obviously, a toddler should not be left alone to play on one, but practically anybody can use a Swiss Ball. If you are pregnant, disabled or an elderly individual, you probably shouldn’t use one.

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What are the different Swiss Ball sizes?

You can complete different exercises on different Swiss Balls. However, it is important you find a ball that is the correct size for your height. It is not difficult to find one that is the right size for you. All you simply need to know is how tall you are.

Swiss Balls come in five different diameter sizing’s;
45 cm
55 cm
65 cm
75 cm

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Which Height of People Can Use Swiss Ball

Individuals who are under five feet tall need to use the 45 cm ball.  If you are between the heights of 5 feet and 5 feet 6 inches, you should use the 55 cm ball. Those people who are between 5 foot 6 inches and 6 feet tall need to use the 65 cm ball. Anyone who is over 6 feet tall should use the 75 cm ball.

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