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Step 1 – How to Get Started with Swiss Ball


In your enthusiasm you may be tempted to dash into the nearest sports shop, grab a fitball, hurry home and start working out. Before you do, there are a few vital points you should consider.

  1. What size ball should you buy?
  2. How much should the ball be inflated?
  3. How do you exercise safely?

Choosing The Correct Stability Exercise Ball Size

When seated on the ball, your knee should be level with or slightly below your hips, with your knees bent at 90°. Your feet should be flat on the floor. The following general guidelines will help you to determine the correct ball size for you. However, your height is not the only determining factor when selecting the correct ball size: your weight is also relevant.

For overweight, unfit or more mature people, a larger ball that is used slightly under inflated is usually preferable. It is also best to learn and practice new, or more difficult exercises with the ball slightly under inflated. A smaller, firmly inflated ball is more challenging to balance on than a larger and softer ball

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Inflating The Stability Exercise Ball

You will need to use a hand or foot pump in conjunction with an appropriate adapter to inflate the ball. Many stores that sell balls also keep special pumps in stock. Leave the ball to reach room temperature before inflating. Do not inflate past the ball is recommended maximum diameter. To check, simply measure the height of the ball from the floor. For example, the 65 cm or 26 inch ball should not exceed a height of 65 cm or 26 inches. Check the ball approximately once a month to ensure that the correct air fill is maintained

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Stability Ball Exercise Environment

Make sure you have a clear floor space, with a clean and nonslip surface. The ideal exercising surface is a purpose made exercise or yoga mat. Exercise stability ballWear suitable and comfortable exercise clothing, avoiding anything that restricts freedom of movement. Natural fibers are ideal. Store the ball normal room temperature. Do Not store the ball in any kind of heat source as this may melt the plastic.

A stability exercise ball is a great way to exercise in the comfort of your own home in a cost effective way and get fit, improve core muscles strength and increase those good endorphins every day to enjoy life more.

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