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Swiss Ball Chairs


Swiss ball chairs prove to offer a different experience when it comes to sitting in comparison to regular chairs. A swiss ball chair makes the user sit up straighter; this strengthens the core, postural muscles, muscles in the thighs and the buttocks. Many people enjoy sitting in a stability ball office chair in comparison to regular chairs for sheer comfort and well being.\

Gaiam Balance Ball Chairs

Gaiam Balance Ball Chairs were designed by leading fitness and health specialists in order to try and redefine your back health. These stability ball chairs engages the same stability ball that you would use in your average exercise routine.

Benefits of the Gaiam Balance Ball:

  • Choice of 6 colors, black, green, blue, purple, wasabi and ocean
  • You can purchase a replacement stability ball if needed
  • Perfect for users between 5″ and 5″ 11″
  • The entire stability ball chair is eco-friendly
  • Easy glide castors
  • Desktop guide and includes airpump
  • Will last you for more than 5 years
  • Does not need to be filled with air often
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Isokinetics Exercise Ball Chair

Balance Exercise Ball Chair with 2.5 inch wheels, which are what your typical office chairs feature. The larger sized wheels offer the user a quieter and smoother experience when they roll around on the floor, even if it is on multiple different textured flooring.

Benefits of the IsoKinetics Balance Ball:

  • This stability ball chair is 24.6 inches off of the ground
  • Large 2.5″ castor wheels
  • The stability ball is made of rubber, rather than plastic
  • The back is supportive
  • Takes weight up to 300 lbs
  • Won’t take more than 5 minutes to put together
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Sivan Health and Fitness Balance Ball Fit Chair

The Sivan Health and Fitness Balance Ball Fit Chair has the ability to fast track physical rehabilitation, while also preventing spine alignment disorders. You can use these stability ball chairs to correct your posture, reduce daily stiffness, improve circulation all throughout your body, for exercise breaks and just to stretch.Plus, this ball is compact enough to be used in either the home or the office in order to put your body in an ergonomic positioning.

Benefits of the Sivan Health & Fitness Balance Ball Chair:

  • Takes up less room than a typical office chair
  • As you are just purchasing just the chair, there is no back; therefore, there is no back for you to slouch against
  • Costs less in comparison to the typical ball and base combination
  • Does not pick up as much grime as other balls seem to

There are many different swiss ball chairs that are available on the market. Even to this day, there are even new balls that are been developed to become something better. When you are looking into your brand new stability ball chair, there are several things that you need to keep in mind, such as; your height, your weight, how often you plan on using your stability ball chair, where you plan on using your stability ball chair and if you have any previous medical conditions. Before you purchase your stability ball chair, you should consult with your doctor to make sure that using one is the right decision for you.

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