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Benefits of Swiss Ball


There are number of benefits of swiss ball however namely few of them.


Using a swiss ball during your workout routine can help improve your flexibility. Whether it’s for a quick pre-workout warm-up or post workout stretch-down, the swiss ball can go a long way to keeping your muscles and joint functional, which can help prevent injury.

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Using a swiss ball can help you build your abdominal and lower back muscles, also known as the core. These muscles protect your lumbar spine as well as help maintain the core stability of your frame.

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Just sitting on a swiss ball alone engages the key stabilisers, the abdominal and back muscles. Thanks to engaging these muscles constantly, a swiss ball can help with smoothing out any imbalances in your core or surrounding muscles a it forces you to support your own weight and stabilise yourself.

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The great thing, possibly THE BEST thing about swiss balls is their versatility. It’s a ball, that you blow up, that’s it.

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Swiss Ball Excercises

General Gym Work/Core Exercises – Use a gym ball to enhance simple exercises like, for example, a sit-up. It improves the exercise as it increases the range of motion and requires your muscles to engage more than doing one on the floor.

Pilates – A swiss ball can be made part of your pilates routine, in fact, many pilates routines will already advise the use of a swiss ball!

Yoga – There’s a lot of yoga poses that can be changed or enhanced using a swiss ball.

Resistance Training – Performing resistance exercises while sitting or leaning on a swiss ball can increase the resistance and range of motion of the exercise, making it a more effective workout.

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Active Sitting

In recent years there has been significant research in to the idea of ‘active sitting’. As the world continues to advance technologically, for some, sitting at our desks for extended periods of time has become unavoidable. From an evolutionary standpoint, the human body was not designed to sit. Sitting places more strain on our back than when we stand or move around, meaning sitting for long periods can increase stiffness in the lower back and the hip while also weakening the abdominal and core muscles.

Active Sitting on the other hand using something like a swiss ball, creates an unstable surface to sit on, meaning the body has to correct itself against gravity constantly. This added need for balance encourages the postural muscles to be activated, providing small but beneficial movement to train the muscles of the lower back, core and pelvis.


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